“Medicare Open Enrollment…”

This week, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Neil Thakur, chief mission officer at The ALS Association, to talk about the efforts to make sure Medicare works for people living with ALS, and talks to Courtney Jones at the Patient Advocate Foundation about navigating the Medicare open enrollment period.

Access the Medicare resource line at https://www.als.org/navigating-als/financial-information/medicare-information/als-medicare-resource-line

To learn more about Medicare go to https://www.als.org/navigating-als/financial-information/medicare-information

For tips on navigating open enrollment go to https://www.als.org/blog/navigating-medicare-open-enrollment

Hear Dr. Thakur’s comments to CMS about optimizing Medicare at https://www.als.org/blog/als-association-cms-administrator-we-urge-you-listen-people-living-als

This episode is brought to you by The ALS Association in partnership with CitizenRacecar.