“Maintaining Good Nutrition…”

This week, to commemorate Malnutrition Awareness Week, Jeremy is joined by Stephanie Dobak, a clinical dietician at the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center, to discuss ways to avoid malnutrition while living with ALS or caring for a person with ALS.

For more information about maintaining good nutrition while living with ALS, check out https://www.als.org/navigating-als/living-with-als/therapies-care/nutrition-feeding-tubes

For some easy chew, easy swallow recipes, go to https://www.als.org/blog/easy-chew-easy-swallow-recipes-help-celebrate-holidays

Learn more about feeding tubes at https://www.als.org/navigating-als/resources/fyi-information-about-feeding-tubes

Results of the ALS Focus survey on caregivers can be found at https://www.als.org/research/als-focus/survey-results/survey-3-results

This episode is brought to you by The ALS Association in partnership with CitizenRacecar.