“Survey Results on Telehealth Use and Benefits…”

This week Jeremy digs into new survey data on the ALS community’s use of telehealth with guest co-host Larry Falivena, a member of The ALS Association’s Board of Trustees and the ALS Focus Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee, and Dr. Sarah Parvanta, director of ALS Focus.

To dive deeper into the results of the ALS Focus telehealth survey go to https://www.als.org/research/als-focus/survey-results/survey-4-results

Sign up to participate in ALS Focus at https://www.neuroserver.org/als-focus/Home/login

Find data from past ALS Focus surveys at https://www.als.org/research/als-focus/survey-results

This episode is brought to you by The ALS Association in partnership with CitizenRacecar.