“Perseverance in the Search for Treatments…”

On this week’s episode, Mike and Jeremy talk to Dr. Lauren Laboissonniere, a neuroscientist at the Ranum Lab at the University of Florida and a recipient of The ALS Association’s Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Laboissonniere discusses her research developing novel therapies targeting C9orf72 ALS, how her research continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and what inspired her at a young age to study ALS.

To learn more about Dr. Laboissonniere’s research, check out https://www.als.org/stories-news/researcher-spotlight-lauren-laboissonniere

For more information about the Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, go to https://www.als.org/research/research-we-fund/fellowships/milton-safenowitz-postdoc-fellowship-program

Read more about the Ranum Lab at the University of Florida here: https://neurogenetics.med.ufl.edu/faculty/dr-laura-p-w-ranum/

This episode was produced by Garrett Tiedemann and is brought to you by The ALS Association’s national office and the Association’s Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota Chapter