“National Family Caregivers Month and A Moment With John…”

In November we are celebrating National Family Caregivers Month, which means recognizing all the incredible individuals who commit to caring for a loved one. That is the theme for the month and we’ve got some compelling caregiving content to share with you.

First on the docket is a conversation with Danielle Carr and Shaun Olson, both of whom have considerable experience as family caregivers. They also happen to be close friends and it was interesting to hear them share some of the lessons they learned over the years.

In the second segment we took advantage of the expertise that exists within our team at The ALS Association in an interview with Care Services Coordinator Jennifer Myhre. Jennifer has been assisting caregivers in our region for many years and helped paint a clearer picture of both the challenges they often face and the resources that are available to help.  Jennifer also talks about respite care as a resource, and that’s something we did a deeper dive on during our time with Jennifer on episode 2. Find it in your podcast feed or on our site at: https://www.connectingals.org/episodes/home-health-voice-banking-and-clinical-care

To jump ahead to the segment you can also head over to RadioPublic:  https://radiopublic.com/connecting-als-6ND5Xl/s1!46a0b#t=3346

To wrap today’s show we’re also introducing a new segment meant to provide a glimpse into the lives of individuals and families living with ALS. We’re calling it ‘A Moment With…’ and this month our producer, Garrett, spent some time with the Seidl family from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. 

Find a transcript of this episode and examples of John’s work on Tumblr.

This episode was produced by Garrett Tiedemann and is brought to you by the Connectivity Center at the ALS Association MN/ND/SD Chapter.