“Health Care Disparities and ALS…”

This week, Jeremy and Jessica are joined by Dr. Michael Cartwright, a professor of neurology at Wake Forest School of Medicine and a neurologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dr. Cartwright, co-author of a study on racial differences in ALS interventions, talks about some of the racial disparities research has uncovered in the ALS journey and the need for more research to understand why.

To learn more about the paper Dr. Cartwright co-authored, go to https://n.neurology.org/content/92/17/e1969

For additional research on racial disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of ALS, check out https://journals.lww.com/neurotodayonline/Fulltext/2021/02040/Black_Patients_with_ALS_Face_Significant.3.aspx

For a deeper dive into racial disparities in the health care system, go to https://www.kff.org/racial-equity-and-health-policy/issue-brief/disparities-in-health-and-health-care-5-key-question-and-answers/

This episode was produced by Garrett Tiedemann and is brought to you by The ALS Association’s national office and the Association’s Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota Chapter