“ALSUntangled and a Listening Tour…”

This month we were very fortunate to secure some time with arguably the most influential ALS specialist in the world, Dr. Richard Bedlack of Duke University. As always, Dr. Bedlack has a number of irons in the fire and we chatted about ALSUntangled, his ongoing study of ALS reversals, and where he sees research heading in the near future. 

For our second segment, I sat down with Jennifer Hjelle, the Executive Director at our Chapter of The ALS Association to discuss some of the recent feedback she has received from individuals and families impacted by ALS while on a three state listening tour.

As discussed in the segment, Jen will be continuing her listening tour in St. Cloud at the Stearns History Museum (235 33rd Ave), on Thursday, October 17 (10/17), at 4:00p and in Sioux Falls at the Ronning Library (3100 E 49th St), on Wednesday, October 30 (10/30), at 4:00p. Visit our Facebook page for more information. To RSVP, email terrylynn@alsmn.org or call 612.672.0484. 

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Find a transcript of this episode soon on Tumblr.

This episode was produced by Garrett Tiedemann and is brought to you by the Connectivity Center at the ALS Association MN/ND/SD Chapter.