“Advocacy in Action…”

This week, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Neil Thakur, chief mission officer at The ALS Association, and Melanie Lendnal, the Association’s senior vice president of policy and advocacy, to get an update on the fight to make AMX0035 available, preview the 2022 ALS Association Advocacy Conference, and dig into the role advocates play in making ALS livable.

Send an email to the FDA telling them to approve AMX0035 as soon as possible at www.als.org/fda

Register for The ALS Association’s 2022 Advocacy Conference at https://www.als.org/advocacy-conference

Learn more about the tofersen trial results at https://www.als.org/stories-news/biogen-announces-promising-findings-tofersen-trial

For the latest on the fight for approval and access to AMX0035, go to https://www.als.org/stories-news/fda-extends-timeline-amx0035-review

This episode is brought to you by The ALS Association in partnership with CitizenRacecar.